The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance: How Marshall changed from absent husband and father to loving connections!

The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance: From disconnected relationships to real ones…how Mariah did it!

The Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance: Educating their children beyond the limitations they were taught…Amazing how Marshall and Mariah did it!

Sherry Anshara is the most remarkable medical intuitive/healer that I have met in my life. She is the creator of a unique process that unlocks deep seated emotional pain, stress and trauma by facilitating the release of core issues that reside in the body.

— Dr. Dwight McKee

I believe the scientific basis of Sherry Anshara’s work lies in the work of Psychoneuroimmunology. I give her and her work the highest recommendation.

— Dr. Anup Kanodia, MD, MPH

I have dedicated my life to our foundation which helps the poorest of the world’s poor. I have traveled the world and seen shocking, desperate poverty in India and Africa. When I met Sherry Anshara I was traumatized by these experiences, and they burdened my heart.I took her first class, Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications I, and 1 was able to release these burdens and to function more effectively in my mission of helping the world’s poor. I was raised in a Catholic home with seven children and an alcoholic father. Sherry’s course helped me release the guilt and feelings of inadequacy deeply ingrained by Catholicism. She helped me to release anger at my alcoholic father.

After taking her second course, Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications II, I have learned to follow my heart and express myself more clearly. I feel totally liberated from the traumas of my childhood. I have been liberated from the expectations of others. I am now more creative and passionate about my mission and life in general. Sherry Anshara has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her course to anyone. I know without doubt that she and her methods will help veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

— Anne Guerrant, President, The Guerrant Foundation

“My child was conceived at a tumultuous time in my life. By the time he was born, I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and his father suffered from Depression. While we worked hard to provide our boy with all that he needed to thrive, he was bombarded with emotional stress during his formative years. I have now healed thanks to working with Sherry. And, I brought my beautiful 11 year-old son to her so that she could assist him in releasing the weighty burdens passed on from his parents. After only two sessions, I see a bright little boy emerge from under the heaviness of emotional baggage.

During the first session, he struggled to embrace the process, complaining afterward that it was strange and that he didn’t believe in it. But, he had told Sherry he wanted to return and based on that I signed up for three sessions. He told me that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. In response to his resistance, I asked him to speak his truth in the next session and, if he still was not interested, he could give up the last one. I reminded him that he had said “yes” to this. Still, I noticed improvements in his emotional balance. He was already more at peace with his world.

In the second session, he responded with honesty so Sherry was able to more fully address his experience. He was moved to laughter while I was moved to tears of joy. Afterward, when we got home, my son told me that he felt better. And he actually looks forward to session three. I will recommended Sherry to friends—for their self and for their children. Every child deserves a “clean slate” so to live the richest life of their own dreaming.

I know I will continue my journey of understanding and healing and growth with Sherry, and I will support my son’s desire to pursue more as he wishes. The body is an incredible mechanism and Sherry helps to build awareness of each cell and fiber of being, and the messages that are key for thriving. With deep gratitude and hope.”

— TP – Scottsdale AZ

Dear Mr. George Knapp,

Hello, I first heard Coast to Coast with Art Bell around 2005-2006 while just surfing the radio. I remember moving the radio around the room late at night to get better reception. I am listening from the Chicago area. It was a moment of revelation hearing such an interesting show with unique topics, stimulating Concepts, theories, ideas, conspiracies, information that even these many years later is on the forefront and cutting edge communication.

Many times I have thought these people, (you people) have, well, Ballz! To put themselves out there. To dare to go where no one else does. Coast to coast gives me hope that the freedom of speech is alive. I am also inspired by the “taking calls” part of the show that reminds me that there are other thoughtful people out there, that have good minds, that like to explore possibilities and appreciate more in depth thinking that a lot of us seem to be starving for.

And regardless of whether I am interested in a show, or believe in what is being said, I sincerely hope that Coast to Coast lives on for a very long time.

I am writing you to thank you for having Sherry Anshara on your show. This is definitely another one of those revelation moments for me.

I have read;

Donald Neale Walsch, his ideas that there really are no victims if we take full responsibility for who we are.

Or Marianne Williamson on changing the way we think and choices between Love and Fear. And the power of total unconditional Love

Or Emmet Fox and the Power of Constructive thinking.

And Robert Anton Wilson on any of his topics, (one of my favorites to listen to video clips of) because of his sense of humor. But when he spoke of Belief Systems, not giving too much credit to others or our own for what is a Belief System but B.S.

Or Carl Jung and the confrontation with the unconscious.

Or how about Stephan Schwartz on non-local consciousness. (recently on Coast to Coast)

Or Masaru Emoto and his experiments with water that water holds intelligent properties.. And treating water with vibrations to cancel out dis-ease symptoms in people.

So that night when I was listening to Coast to Coast and waiting to see who your next guest would be for the second half of your show (at 2am Chicago time) deciding whether I would keep listening or go to bed.

I had never heard of Sherry Anshara until your show.

I sat up in bed and listened more excited than anything I heard in a long time.

The very idea that our cells that make up the physical fibers in our our bodies hold memories. is, is, is, Brilliant.

And the idea that we can be taught to begin to heal ourselves or be more aware of ourselves and make improvements in our lives through changing our thinking and apply new thought in our Belief Systems and thus changing our ourselves on a cellular level is just amazing.

If the ideas she is expressing truly begin to change lives as she has said she and others have witnessed since 1991.

That in her words on your show for instance one idea was ” I have happy and healthy cells” reiterate in others Belief Systems as and begin to help others.

Or NEO, Non Emotional Observer

It seems to me that I received so much information from that one show, and that as a new idea in my mind. it takes a little more time to take in all the possibilities

A new direction in Neuroscience, Psychology? This is whole new avenue of what? Quantum Mechanics? A new beginning. Indeed!

I feel intuitively that her name is about to resonate worldwide. That her practice is something we are going to hear a lot more of.

This is a person with an astonishing mind and a care and willingness to share. Or she has tapped into the Crown Chakra, or maybe Divine Intelligence is working through her.

Perfect timing in a world that needs healing. Body by body, individual by individual.

So when I sat up in my bed that night, I started taking notes so that I would remember the information first thing in the morning.

And I have to say it feels right. I have had goosebumps on my arms when many days now when I think of Cellular Memory, not just our heart and not just our brain but, every cell. Wow!

And that we can be taught to change our cells to resonate to be more healthy and be healed, Double Wow!

Then now I am looking for words that are not yet in our vocabulary to express my thoughts and feelings.

My favorite Coast to Coast show ever! Or anywhere any show I have heard or seen in years.

— Kindest Thoughts, Michael


I am not some one who reaches out to Public Figures, and never posts comments on the web.
I don’t need to get opinions Out There
I am not even on Social Media. I could care less.
I am reading Sherry Anshara’s blogs. And I did speak with her for 15 minutes on the phone to thank her and clarify a few of her ideas. So I have copied her into this e mail.

I just wanted to thank both of you again, so thanks Ms. Anshara, and thank you Mr. Knapp!

“It is with great pleasure and excitement that I highly recommend Sherry Anshara and Anshara Center of Consciousness. I have known Sherry for over 4 years now. I first took her Intuitive Powers 1 (IP-1) applications class in 2005 for continuing education hours for my naturopathic license.

I have always had an interest in energy medicine and was excited that this class was offered. I felt that my foundation for mind body medicine received at the naturopathic school left me searching for more and Sherry’s class peaked my interest.

A Naturopathic principle that I follow is to always address the root cause of illness/disease and imbalance. Intuitive Powers class exceeded my expectations and I was unaware of how it would affect my life.While experiencing IP-1, it changed my whole outlook on the way I viewed energy medicine. It taught me simple techniques to address the emotional causes of imbalance in the body, evaluating past events or trauma in my life that may be preventing wellness. Most of all it helped me to be aware of my words, thoughts, emotions, and situations that I was creating in my life. I then went on to complete IP-2, IP-3 and IP-4 over the course of a year to continue my own development and to better the lives of my children, family and my patients.

I now use the techniques with all of my patients who receive acupuncture and find that the treatments are more effective because the root emotional connection is brought to the surface. This allows the patient to become aware of the underlying emotion, trauma or situation that may be blocking their healing process and to clear it.

Sherry and I have been referring patients to each other for a few years now. When I encounter a patient who has deep emotional fears, multi-layered traumas, or if the treatments that I recommend don’t seem to make any changes within them, then I will refer them to Sherry. She helps them to break away through the layers of dense energy to clear the trauma, so the body can heal itself naturally. I find that in shared patients, the natural remedies are able to work more efficiently when the patient has cleared the emotional attachment to their illness or disease.

I highly recommend Anshara Intuitive Powers classes to anyone who is ready to change their life, clear past traumas/ stresses, and belief systems to live a healthier, happier, energetically lighter life.”

— Dr. Christina Kovalik NMD, LAc.

I was introduced to Sherry when I was 19. My parents had gifted me the first course Intuitive Powers Practical Applications for Christmas. Being a teenager at the time, that was the last way I wanted to spend my weekend, stuck in a class Friday night and the whole weekend. I was livid to say the least. After months of putting it off, I finally decided to get it over with.

I remember walking into the classroom and thinking this was the stupidest Christmas present, why did my parents do this? I sat with my arms folded listening to Sherry and everyone else introduce themselves. By 9pm, whatever it was, whatever Sherry said, had switched something in my brain that made me open up. I was intrigued, sitting at the edge of my chair and I didn’t want to go home. At that time I didn’t understand what she was talking about but I loved it and I wanted to learn more.

As Saturday and Sunday passed I found myself loving every minute of it. This is all so new, so real and different from anything I’ve ever learned or heard of. I was witnessing healing and people getting the roots of their problems in life. I didn’t even know I had stuff going on. I was very wrong and Sherry was able to assist in getting to root of it, releasing it and in its place adding something that serves a purpose.

After the first class ended, I started implementing what I had learned into my life. I noticed I had more peace, less anger and more happiness. I took it again not to long after. Then I took the second class, twice, and then the fourth class. I fell in love with everything Sherry’s center stands for and does. True healing comes from within. No one can heal you, only you can heal you and Sherry showed how to do that.

I absolutely believe in The Anshara Method and would recommend it to anyone that is struggling in their life whether its health, financial, relationships, personal problems, whatever it is I know that this can assist. I can let things go now, I can move on and realize other people’s issues are not mine and not get attached. I can honestly say that I see in a different light now, I live a better way and my thought process about everything has changed for the better. I finally “got it”.

There are no words for how grateful I am. So thank you Sherry. I know I still have much to learn in life but this has been a great start.

– Brandie​

The personal results the Anshara Method can’t be explained in a marketing brochure! Why because it is so personalized to each person who are healing emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, financial and past issues. Here are the words of Kay MacKinnon from West Virginia:

“Hello Sherry, I can’t thank you enough for you. I have hand some cool things happen for me since I was in the class in Wheeling, April 1-4, 2014. A life changing event. First thing I noticed is on Wednesday the second day of the class. My right eye moved into proper alignment.

As a child I had a lazy eye. In 1990 I had two brain aneurysms , a 10 hour surgery that left the right eye damaged. During class and that evening reading your book The Age of Inheritance, my right eye moved into place. I had floaters in my eye, a lot of them. They are no longer a part of the vision field. I was a dancer and gymnast in my younger days.

In 1993 I had my first knee surgery. Now at 53 with a third knee replacement I’ve got my dance on again. I have been in dance class with knee support and pain. I went back to class after my 4 days with Anshara! My movement has become light, with grace and ease.

I felt like a young girl again moving across the floor with NO PAIN! The instructor and others in the class noticed and said, “You can tell you are a dancer, you move so beautifully. NOT ONLY DID I GET MY JOY BACK, I ALSO GOT A NEW LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. So many blessings and joy as I step on the dance floor and I say YES! Thank you, Sherry, with Love and gratitude and expanded oneness”

— Kay MacKinnon

“I am writing this letter to provide a reference for Sherry Anshara, the founder of the Anshara® Center of Consciousness and Anshara® Energy Method for self healing. Her Anshara® Energy Method is simple, fast and extremely effective in helping to remove the emotional obstacles from the past and to achieve balance.

Through Sherry’s facilitation and classes, I have been able to release deep emotional trauma originating from early childhood. I no longer carry around the burden of sorrow and anger that characterized much of my life. Sherry has not only facilitated these changes in me, but I have seen so many of my friends and family come to a much greater sense of self-awareness and emotional stability from working with this method.

Rather than following an emotional pattern of response, we are able to step back and respond appropriately and directly to the challenge at hand.Sherry Anshara’s method could provide the trigger to full functioning of the men and women who have given their best for our country, our veterans. I strongly encourage the Veterans Administration to incorporate this innovative and effective technology into the services that you provide our veterans.” — Gail Clement, President, G. M. Clement & Associates, Inc.

“I’m thrilled to know that the Veterans’ Administration is considering an alternative healing method for the veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sherry Anshara is your “man” for the job. I have attended two of her classes and seen her several times for personal sessions. She was the only one who could help me with my PTSD. I was involved with a fatal car accident in a foreign country while I was on active duty. After a year of thinking I was crazy it subsided, but then, after 23 years, it reared its ugly head again on 9/11 (I was in The Pentagon).

After my experience with Sherry, I was not amazed when I heard about her bringing Lance Corporal Justin Webb from the brink of suicide to become a happy and productive member of society.It’s time for our veterans with PTSD to regain their lives after risking them for our country. They deserve the best treatment they can get and I know that Sherry Anshara’s Anshara Center in Scottsdale AZ is the place to send them.”

— Martha N. Aubey, Lt Col, USAF

“PTSD, my life experience summed up in four letters of the alphabet! It was a therapist diagnosis that brought fear and relief all at once. As I left the office, I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned or grateful. But my most worrisome thought was…

“Well what do I do now?”Years of therapy, drugs, psychiatric hospitalization, more drugs and alcohol left me feeling more hollow than before. The fear program took over. Time after time I would repeat the pattern of “pull-it” together, beat myself up, and further down I went until I created such illness in my body that I found myself on Chemo drugs.

It was at this point that I cried out to God to lead me to a better way of healing. Somehow I knew I was capable of healing myself. But 1 required education and direction. Searching the internet I was led to the Anshara Center of Consciousness website. Each word that I read connected to my heart.

With each paragraph I felt the excitement that I had finally found an avenue to support myself in healing and taking back my life.I listened to Sherry Anshara’s radio show, Conscious Healing, read her first book, The Age of Inheritance and I called the Center and spoke to Sherry personally. Convinced that this common sense method of healing would release me from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that had overtaken my whole adult life, I boarded a plane in New Hampshire and flew to Arizona.

I now have completed Intuitive Powers/Practical Application I and II. It is beyond life changing. I respect myself and know what happened years ago or just moments ago is the past. I have released all trauma, and all of the toxic emotional and physical pain from my body.

Please invest in the future of these soldiers’ lives and our country’s future by approving the Anshara Method and the Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications Courses which will support them to release PTSD. I know in my heart they don’t have to suffer the years that I have. It wasn’t worth it. I missed so much and so did my family.”

— Nancy Shappell

“I have just completed the first twenty hours of a forty hour course, The Intuitive Powers / Practical Applications I at the Anshara Center of Consciousness, Developed and taught by founder Ms. Sherry Anshara.

A major part of the course is learning to recognize programs that we have learned and to speak frankly about how we have allowed them to affect and control our lives at the deepest cellular levels manifesting as physical and emotional challenges. We learned that fear is huge and can be expressed as ick as the feeling one can have of not having enough and how this affects the appropriate use of one’s energy.

On the third day we learned how sounds and tones enhance one’s ability to achieve total clearing and/or clarity of what is really going on, what program is really in control at the deepest cellular level, and to allow defecation of all the shit that one has collected. I have been suffering with severe back spasms and pain for seven years but today, only the third day of the course I was able to experience freedom from the pain. I am so amazing and weeping with joy!

Before this course I honestly looked forward to the day of my death, but now I feel there is new found hope, healing, understanding and purpose and I look forward to continuing this exciting journey into truth.I shall be eternally grateful to Ms. Anshara for allowing her unique intuitive and creative abilities to understand and develop this course and for her courage in sharing it with others.”

— Linda L. RN, BSN

“I recently took the Applications 1 class. I am writing to let you know about the improvement I am seeing in nearly every aspect of my life since completing the class. Positive changes actually began to happen during this course and they have had a dynamic effect upon my life. This class has given me tools to better cope with day to day life.

I am living with far less anxiety and much greater focus on my goals. Where I once was stuck, I now find that I am able to move in a forward direction. One example of this came recently as I sat down at my computer in a search for employment. Each time I began my search, I would typically experience a heavy anxiety because of the far too few openings in my professional field.

On this occasion however, I made a conscious choice to implement the principles I had learned. As a result of that implementation, I made a phone call that I had procrastinated for months. It just so happened that the company I was calling that day was about to close an open job requisition for which I was qualified.

As a result of that phone call, I am now currently well into an interview process which would not have occurred had I not made a decision to follow the principles I learned. Thanks Sherry and Anshara for a greater understanding that a better of quality of life is achievable.”

— Tom

“I know I should be sleeping but I realized something. I know why it’s really easy for others to work and get better grades. We’re all bees. But all bees are different aren’t they? These kids are all mindless (well they have minds but they don’t have the sense of realization, they don’t realize that they’re brainwashed) worker bees. I AM NOT A WORKER BEE. I’m different from them. I am rhythm. I am heart. I am a drumbeat. I make my own beat and dance to it. I am music. I am not numbers. I am not a dictionary. Nor a calculator. I am not a civics book. I am a river. Streaming on forever. Never to be stopped. I make my own way. I think I might just be a musician…”
— From a Conscious 14 year-old…
“Thank you for my session. I came to Az. stressed, but left feeling peaceful and ready to be super creative in my jewelry. Thank you very much!”
Phyllis Masunaka

“I’ve been blessed with so much since I’ve attended your classes. There just isn’t enough words of gratitude.”


“I came to Anshara hoping to able to experience a little more joy in my life. I did not even conceive it was possible to feel this good! It’s amazing that something so simple can have such a profound effect. I feel at home in my own body.”
Brian Smith, November 2010
“In Anshara Consciousness… Everything and Beyond is possible and is…. In Newness… Thank you Sherry…”
Mary, November 2010

“Thank you, Sherry, for this truly AWESOME year!! I am soooo very, VERY grateful for YOU and for your commitment, your love and caring, and your passion!! This has been the most AMAZING year of my Life.

And it keeps getting even MORE and MORE FABULICIOUS beyond what I could have ever imagined possible. Consciousness…and BEYOND….WOW!!!! You REALLY ROCK!!!! Love You!!”

Wind, 2010

Completely Changed My Life!
“My private and course work with Sherry have completely changed my life! My career in the corporate world has completely turned around. I got a promotion, new responsibilities and a boss who absolutely values the skill set I bring to the job. I was elected to a non-profit board of directors and the people and opportunities that have come into my life have opened new doors for me to give back to my community.”
Mary Scott King, Boeing Corporation

“Starting with One 1 hour session for herself plus a one hour session for her six year old daughter, Isabella, Christina took the Intuitive Powers/Practical Applications I in November 2010. Her response to this was, Productive changes happen this quickly. Productive, effective changes happen immediately. Healing is not a long arduous process as the Belief Systems would have you think. Many, many, thanks! The Thanksgiving holiday was really nice, as I feel more grateful than ever…..you are an amazing influence in my daily life now. I am so thankful for you, for having the beautiful privilege of sharing this realm with you. What an honor! You have impacted my life in the greatest of ways. Isabella and I closer than ever it seems….and we credit this to you. I don’t have the words to express to you just how much love I feel for you and all that you do,. Yes, we will set the intention for many others to attend the class…. All love for you, dearest Sherry.”

Christina Sierra

Physical Issues (Leg Issues)“I sent you a patient of mine who had had a stroke several years ago. He was very much improved after seeing Dr. Steenblock in San Diego, California, but he still had trouble crossing his legs. He was amazed after the treatment because without thinking, he found he could cross his legs for the first time in about 3 years.”

— Doris Rapp, M.D.

Insight From a Naturopathic Physician“All cells have memory and remember every emotion, word, trauma, etc. that are affecting the body now. The Anshara Method allows patients to become aware of what is going on in their body and what it means to them. This gives the patient the opportunity to clear it or not, if it serves them. It is another tool much needed in Naturopathy.”

— Christina Kovalik, Naturopathic Physician

Physical Issues (Joint Pain)
“I am 79 and I can honestly say that I find the classes beneficial, not only for the physical relief and improved flexibility of my joints and my back, but also because I am enjoying a greater degree of control over my life.”
— Lloyd Murphy, Engineer, Mensa Member

Reducing Emotional Baggage

“For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with painful emotional patterns, which kept me locked in a series of repeated behaviors which did not serve me. Without being fully conscious of how these patterns played out, or what drove them, I only new that something was seriously wrong, as I suffered again and again in the same old ways.
After a lifetime of searching, I have found healing, freedom, and peace. Sherry Anshara/s Anshara process is the most powerful aid I have experienced in freeing me from a lifetime of emotional pain. It is life affirming and effective in clearing old emotional wounds and reclaiming life and personal power. Everything is different now.” W. M., Peoria, AZ

Hello Ms Sherry,
“Your articles always make me feel good. This one is especially helpful. You can really connect to the right vibe. I think a lot of people will benefit from this. I know I have. It was exactly what I needed to hear about fear and money. Also wrote down the affirmation. So many more thoughts…………Thank you.”
– Sincerely Mike