Sherry's Story

Why Do I Do What I Do… Well…

"This question has intrigued me since I was a child!  Matter of fact, I wondered why people did what they did…and it did not always appear to me they even knew what they were doing or why!  OMG there had to be a reasonable explanation for any or all of it in life!!!

So with 4 Near Death Experiences under my belt...there had to be many reasons for me to continue to look for the exit clause in my contract here on Earth.  However, these exit strategies did not seem to be working at all.  We plan exit strategies all the time, leaving a job, leaving a relationships, leaving a country… and here I am trying and trying, which is trying, to leave planet Earth.  Hmmm what was not working? 

I was searching for answers, asking all kinds of questions…yet not getting the answers I was looking for outside of my Self.  Hmmm…here is a key that I missed many times.  Oops, what would have happened if I did get all my answers? What would happen if everyone had the opportunity to get their answers?  How would my life or their life be different?  Again and again, I just kept asking questions. And the answers I kept getting is that some master, some guru, some leader, some motivational speaker, some somebody outside of me had my answers to my questions.  NO!  Not so much!  I read all the books, listened to all the tapes, watched all the videos, meditated, even megitated… and yet I did not feel that anyone really had my answers.  Now where was I going to look?  I know I will just die.  Damn, that did not work either!  What the “H”!!!

Well what happens when you get all the answers you’ve been searching for? Does life make sense?  Do you find meaning, purpose and happiness, even joy?  YES…you do!

But here’s the great news, you don’t have to experience a broken back, a broken neck, a smashed head, a brain out of place, being homeless and down to your last $50.00 or have 4 Near Death Experiences to find out.  I went through all these trauma dramas and healed my Self and my life through the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing and Abundance.  I figured it out for my Self.

Here’s the funny part. As my life was falling apart, losing everything materially in my life, I gained everything.  And what is even funnier, people started coming to me for answers!  In fact, 8 women came into my life and asked me to teach them what I know. This was my response.  You have got to be kidding!  My life is trashed and you want me to teach you something?  You see they could “see”; I couldn’t yet. 

Well every week for 13 months, I taught a class that I said I would only do for 8 weeks.  Really I had no idea what I was going to teach them about life or how to find their answers…I was still trying to find mine.  Remember my head and body was all screwed up.  Perfect!  As I let go of my own pain, I put together this course and it became the foundation for my methodology to teach people to heal themselves.  I was not going to take on the responsibility of healing them.  No Way!

At the same time I began to write my first book on a 286 computer.  What technology?  So from those moments of connecting with these women, getting out of my own way, and having people come to me…although when I worked with a person I would say “Now don’t tell anyone about this”….they did not listen and my first clients showed up.  At the time I would not call them clients, I just called them misguided people looking for their own answers.

Then something magic and practical began to happen. Through my methodology, they began to heal themselves by connecting to their cellular level of clear consciousness, ask their questions clearly, and their body would provide their answers quickly and meaningfully.  What a surprise.  But really not surprising. 

I got it for my Self and then assisted these individuals to learn how to access their answers in their bodies by how they asked their questions.  Through my guidance, as I had done for my Self, they began to get rid of cancer, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, etc.  I saw inside their bodies that all the issues in their tissues were predicated on their emotions.  OMG Emotions are what make us sick, zap our energy, lose our businesses, lose our relationships, etc.  OMG it is all the same.

So as they cleared their Belief Systems of limitation, the B.S. Programs, I taught them how to access their own inner guidance, to see how their emotions screwed everything up and caught them in repeated patterns of behaviors and how they kept repeating the same relationships and kept repeating the same language of dysfunctional conversations. Good grief, the recycle bin of B.S.

Showing them how to believe in themselves, love themselves unconditionally, whether emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial, and how they could step out of the past, step out of self-judgment, and STEP INTO THEIR OWN PERSONAL POWER!  WOW!  Love it!

With five books under my belt, teaching classes, having a radio show for over 5 years, being accepted by the medical and business communities, a long haul, my life is exceptional every day.  So… this is why I do what I get to do every day assisting individuals, families, kids, teenagers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, doctors, scientists, whomever… because what they all have in common, whatever their age, stage, background, religion, ethnicity, gender, etc… we are all the same.  We just would love to be accepted and heard.

One of the best compliments I receive is that I “listen”… listening is the first connection of a relationship whether personal or professional.  I listen, I don’t tell, I don’t fix.  What I do is listen and connect and support…so that my clients and my friends can connect and listen to themselves, ask the correct questions of themselves through my guidance, and their answers emerge.  This is what I call the Involved Conscious Evolution Revolution at the cellular level of memory from the inside out! 

Freeing people to be themselves…is the best…and the best reason to do what I get to do every day. Just can’t get any better than this…and yet my life gets better!  And So It Is!  And so I continue to focus to bring my methodology global through speaking around the world, to train the trainers, and train the facilitators.  I absolutely believe that we don’t have to get sick, we can create fabulous, connected relationships, our businesses can be success full and success filled, and most of all… we can all thrive together and create the lives we require, desire, and deserve…unlimited!

This is my purpose-filled passion, my committed focus, and my heart-centered mission.

My name is Sherry Anshara."