Property Clearing Services

The Anshara Energy Clearing Method is ideal for you whether it is your home, office, business, or property. Immediately you will feel the difference. Your family, your friends, pets and clients will feel it too. Let me assist you to create a nurturing, prosperous, and safe environment for you to live and work in every day. Peace, harmony, health, prosperity, abundance, and affluence … this is the perfect environment for you to achieve the results you intend each and every day. Thrive in your environments!

Property Clearing: $400 per hour – Deposit

Is there “Something Strange” in your Home, Office or Car?

How is the Energy in your Space?

“After Sherry Anshara cleared my home, I noticed an immediate change in my home environment. My home felt clear, comforting and inviting. I would highly recommend Sherry for your own home to create the atmosphere that feels the best for you.” – T. H.
Can You Answer YES to ANY of these or more about your home:

  1. There are Unexplained Noises, Misplaced Items, Cold Spots or Drafts, or You’re Seeing Things?
  2. The Old Family Moved Out and Their Energy is Still Living There?
  3. You’ve Recently Separated or Divorced?
  4. Family Members Constantly Get Sick?
  5. Traumatic Events Occurred There: Death, Fights, Fire, Suicide, Lightening Strike, Creepy Friend or Relative Visited?
  6. You’re Depressed or Have Depression?
  7. No Sense of Security or Safety?
  8. Can’t Sell Your Property?
  9. Something Else Occupied the Land in the Past?
  10. Negative “Vibes”?

It’s time to call Sherry Anshara and get your space cleared!”

Questions? Call the office at 480-609-0874

“Sherry Anshara has an amazing understanding at multidimensional levels of reality about what it really takes to clear a home, an office, a building and even the land upon which your home, office and/or building are built. In history “Stuff Happens” and you don’t want that historical stuff to drive you hysterical in your time frame. Energy can get stuck so don’t get stuck with someone else’s issue. Make a clean break from the past. Make sure your space and place is all about you personally and professionally!”

Hear Wind and her experience with a House Clearing:

Can You Answer YES to ANY of these or more about your office:

  1. Unhappy Employees and Low Productivity?
  2. Do you Feel Sick in your Environment?
  3. Are your surroundings Yucky?
  4. Unusually High Employee Sick Time, turnover?
  5. Unexplained noises, misplaced items, cold spots or drafts, seeing things?
  6. Technology Problems?
  7. Constant Conflict in the Office?
  8. Chaotic Environment?
  9. Little to no Repeat Customers?
  10. Accidents in Company Vehicles?

It’s time to call Sherry Anshara and get your space cleared!”

Questions? Call the office at 480-609-0874

Property Clearing Services Anywhere in the World

remotely clearing a space works like a charm!

Do you have unwelcome visitors in your home, office or property? Do you feel “something” icky and sticky around you? Do you wonder what the history is surrounding your home and land? Do you sometimes feel afraid and don’t know why? Is there a “spooky” place in your home that makes you feel uncomfortable? Are these questions you have asked your Self, your friends or your family…or questions similar to these? Well, would you like to have peace, calm and harmony in all your environments or spaces? Contact Sherry Anshara. She loves clearing spaces and making your spaces perfect for you.

“I purchased a home in North Carolina near the coast, in a town that dates back to the Civil War. When I moved into the house with my dog, I had the feeling that I was not alone in the house and whenever I used the shower in the master bathroom, I would have this feeling of overwhelming grief and sadness come over me. At first I thought it was because of all of the problems that I had after making the purchase but after a few months, I knew that there had to be something else going on in the house. I called Sherry Anshara and we made an appointment to clear the house and the property. It took three hours and three sticks of sage but we were able to help a Confederate soldier move on as well as a young girl from the same time period. Both were stuck inside the house and were unable to find a way to leave. The previous owner’s wife and daughter who had both transitioned were still hanging out as well as three men that we think were probably moonshiners who must have transitioned on the property a long time ago. The area where I live was the moonshine capital of North Carolina during Prohibition.

Since the clearing, I feel very comfortable in the house and I also feel safe. The sense of grief and sadness is no longer present in the master bathroom. I am so grateful to have had someone be able to help me to clear that energy from the house and the land and allow me to feel like it is my own so that I can live here in peace.”

~ Gayle K