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  • Sherry’s success coaching will guide you towards fulfilling your desired goals and achieving self-mastery.
  • Through your personalized coaching you will rediscover your strengths and reignite your momentum to take your progress to the next level.
  • You will clarify the areas of your resistance and begin to connect with your abilities to create successful results.
  • Sherry will identify your “stressors” and teach you how to recognize and be completely in charge, so that you can be success full and success filled.
  • You will build a lasting productive partnership with yourself and enjoy your results on your road of unlimited successes.

Coaching for Success with Sherry Anshara, the Creator of the Anshara Method of Accelerated Healing & Abundance.

This package includes private coaching calls for 3 months to achieve breakthrough performances.

  • Begin your success filled journey…
    for your personalized Success Coaching package.
  • Multi-dimensional coaching results!
  • Premier Coaching price for 6 months is $8,397.00
  • Sherry will identify your “stressors” and teach you how to recognize and be completely in charge, so that you can be success full and success filled.
  • Includes 1 – 2 hr. coaching sessions per week. You can choose to schedule a 1 hr. session or a 2 hr. session per week. One session per week for duration of 2 hrs. maximum.

“Sherry helped me unleash my creativity and release fears that had been holding me back. As a result, I grew my business from a one-person operation in my home to seven employees in a downtown office.” ~

Roxanne Boryczki, Founder & President of Arizona Trails Worldwide Travel, and Past President of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.

The Anshara Method connects the dots to heal completely; body mind and soul . The body speaks volumes. It’s the symptom. The Anshara Method enables you to get to the core of the issue(s)as the non emotional observer to enable you to identify thoughts in the mind that keep us stuck in untruth (B.S.) These thoughts or beliefs are usually formed in childhood or as early as inutero when a child is exposed to strong emotions in their environment that they don’t have the capacity to deal with. These patterns of coping are often carried into adulthood and display when triggered unconsciously.(CAE) Through facilitation the Anshara Method assists the person to cognitively locate where it is held in the body and release it. By releasing the trauma drama, allows for a healthier pattern to emerge.
This work has assisted me tremendously on my healing journey. The mind is a powerful thing and it’s important to get it under control. The mind influences our feelings which influence our actions and create an outcome. It’s important to understand that completely. Because once you do you are on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

Thank you for your innovative work Sherry. It’s a lot to grasp but it’s worth the time and effort. I hope to work with you in the future on consciousness coaching. I’m I. The process of formatting a program to assist people to change their thinking to create desirable outcomes.

Xoxo Marlo