Sherry Anshara THE AGE OF INHERITANCE book coverAge of Inheritance – The Activation of the 13 Chakras
by Sherry Anshara
Glossary of Anshara Terms
by Sherry Anshara
ENERGY defines human behavior. Now, you’ll understand its LANGUAGE as described by the 91 definitions in this powerful little volume–from ACCEPTANCE to ZERO POINT, with GOD at the point in between! Sherry Anshara’s long-awaited MiniBuk Glossary of Anshara Terms (46 pages) is $4.97 (plus $1.03 for shipping and handling)

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Sherry Anshara AND THE POINT IS book coverAnd the Point is?…Beyond Duality
by Sherry Anshara
the intelligence codeThe Intelligence Code
by Sherry Anshara
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Take Back Your Power—You Becoming You
by Sherry Anshara

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Sherry, your book, “And the Point Is…?” is SO powerful, it has changed my thinking about life here on earth! I read it through in two days, devouring the great wisdom you impart. So many times I’ve asked myself, “What am I doing here? What is the purpose? What the heck is this all about?” You helped me see that it is all about becoming aware and participating in life with my energy turned on by my clear consciousness. You helped me see that I cannot be responsible for someone else’s life – I don’t know what they’ve written in their script or what they require to

accomplish and fulfill in healing themselves. All I can do is provide a space of unconditional love and support. You helped me see that my lung issue was a consequence of not breathing into life. You helped me see that becoming aware is an expansion of my frequency and vibration, that perfect balance equals consciousness; and from the collective consciousness of my cells, I manifest my reality. As an Observer, I’m ready to heal by rethinking old Belief Systems, reviewing contracts, dismissing karma, and rewriting my life and contracts consciously!