Enjoy a FREE INTRODUCTION to the Anshara Method

How much HEALING & ABUNDANCE are you ready to receive? It's easier than you think! Get started today...

In our sessions, seminars, workshops, and events for the Anshara Method, we show you how it works by teaching you that healing and abundance can occur in ways that might surprise you regarding how EASY and FAST it can go! You'll be guided step-by-step on your journey to starting a BRAND NEW LIFE full of new vitality, energy, clarity, confidence, as well as more health, wellness, abundance, and prosperity than you previously thought was even possible for you to have. 

Our Free Introductory Seminar is an overview of the essentials to start living your life to the fullest. We will share how this connection of your consciousnesses, energy, mind, body, even words, affect and influence your biology and life. 

Here are some of the practical tools that will discussed and demonstrated:

  • What is the powerful connection between your thoughts and your body
  • Gain insight about how your thoughts and words are physical
  • Acquire new insight about body language and the energy of consciousness
  • See how the physical body is impacted by your thoughts and your emotions
  • Observe how your body stores traumas, and how to release them

We look forward to seeing you at the FREE intro! Bring a friend!

The free intro is held on the FIRST Wednesday of each month at the Anshara Center from 7:00pm-8:30pm click here for map

The Anshara Center

6701 E Clinton Street

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Check calendar for dates and visit Meetup.com for more details for each Workshop

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